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Personal finance should be fun - Adults make it boring. Let's bring back families' kitchen table conversations.

Personal finance is something that should be learned starting early. Nobody was building kid-friendly materials, however. Adult financial education is too dull, and most of the financial institutions wanted something better, but didn’t know where to go. More and more states are requiring personal finance before graduation - but educators are often left cobbling together solutions. Most importantly, once a teacher that is passionate about finance leaves a school, the entire personal finance program disappears as well. We needed a better way.


In 2016 we started building video based lessons. These lessons are exciting, vivid, and don’t make children bored out of their mind. Every lesson allows for "facilitators" in the classroom. Those can be teachers, parents, or volunteers from the professional world. We feel that getting content into the hands of adults, with minimum training required, is the best way to serve every student in every classroom. 

Watch some more sample videos here. 


Every lesson has a take-home sheet for parents, sharing with parents what students learned in-class that day. Then, a parent and child complete homework together. And everything that goes home is provided in both English and Spanish. This is our idea of bringing it home, we had to modify the premise of those kitchen table experiences families once shared.

Learn more about Andson Money lessons here. 


We reinvented the kitchen table, because the conversations that occurred there were defining moments in each of our lives here at Andson.

Launching in September 2018, we will be ready to share our standardized curriculum with teachers across the nation.


Contact us below with any questions. Pricing is tentatively set for $150 per classroom. Discounted rates may be available for volume sales.