Our Curriculum

Openvest strives to provide engaging online financial literacy lessons for students from grades 1 through 5. Openvest’s highly successful curriculum consists of material that is carefully drafted to remain relevant to the everyday lives of our target students, while maximizing parental involvement through collaborative homework exercises.

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Curriculum VIdeos

Andson Money Coach Ms. Henry takes students through such topics as Wants vs. Needs, Credit, Entrepreneurship, Interest, Identity Theft, Your Online Identity, Loans & Borrowing, Bills, Income, and more!

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Word wall

Vocabulary words are assigned to each lesson and are displayed on a Word Wall, which has cutouts provided to subscribers in the form of downloadable content.


In-Class activities

In-class activities are provided to subscribers and correspond with video lessons. These activities include matching exercises, sample budgets, The entire lesson flows according to plan, provided to the classroom facilitator in the form of downloadable content.

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Homework assignments build upon what was learned in class. Students will test their knowledge about vocabulary terms as well as with skills such as how to work with interest rates and calculate numbers such as net income and expenses.


Parent review

Parent summaries are a take-home lesson recap provided to subscribers in English and Spanish. This allows for parents to learn with their children as well as gives them the ability to actually help their children with their homework.